COVID – 19

**Important Practice Update**

The surgery is still open in this time of crisis for everyone. We take the care of our patients very seriously and are implementing some changes to reduce the risk of anyone contracting Coronavirus.

Social distancing is always mandatory whilst at the practice.

We have removed the magazines and toys from the waiting room, to minimize any chance of cross-infection from these. Feel free to bring in your own toys for your children, but make sure to keep those toys just for them.

We have also separated the chairs in the waiting room so that there is at least 1.5m distance between them. (However, if you arrive with someone you know, feel free to push them closer together for the duration that you’re there.) Please only bring ONE support person with you to the practice.

We would also appreciate it if you would stay 1.5m from the reception desk as much as possible, to keep our front desk staff safe.

IF YOU HAVE ANY RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS, PLEASE PHONE THE PRACTICE FIRST SO THAT WE CAN GIVE YOU ADVICE OVER THE PHONE. As per guidelines you are to stay home if you have a cold/flu symptoms until the symptoms subside. If the symptoms get worse, telephone your GP for advice.

  • Telephone consultations are preferred for all patients
  • Currently there is a national shortage of webcams, therefore we can’t offer video consultations at this stage.

Please note doctors cannot provide clearance notes re Covid-19 for work or schools.

There is a government health helpline number below for general advice.

1800 020 080

We will keep you updated on the changes that we implement in the practice. The measures introduced are to keep our staff and patients safe and to ensure minimal possible exposure for our at-risk patients.

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