The Management of Your Health Information

Our practice health record system ensures all doctors and nurses have easy access to all the necessary health and other information regarding their patients to deliver safe and quality care.

Our practice has systems in place to protect the privacy, security, quality, and integrity of the personal health information held electronically. All staff members are aware of our computer security policies and procedures and have been provided with training in the use of our patient health record system at induction and are offered ongoing training when appropriate and as software updates are implemented.

Our patient health records can be accessed by an appropriate team member when required. Members of the practice team have different levels of access to patient health information. To protect the security of health information, doctors and other health practitioners have individual login details and passwords.

Some of our records are still paper-based. Security is maintained for paper-based medical files at all times. During practice hours the reception and filing areas are supervised. These records are only retrieved by authorised practice staff and are secured when the practice is closed. There are several layers of security for the paper files. The cabinet containing the paper records is locked when staff is not present, and the surgery itself is locked as well. At most times when the surgery is unstaffed, the arcade containing the surgery is also locked. The surgery is protected by closed-circuit television 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The surgery is also protected by a back to base alarm.