Practice Billing Policy

Item 23 – $80 to $90

Item 36 – $110 to $120

Telehealth consults are now $50 for everyone, they will be out of pocket $8.80

Other fees are displayed at the front desk.

This practice bulk bills:

  • Veterans Affairs Card Holders
  • Pensioners and Health Care Card Holders
  • Ministers of Religion
  • Medical colleagues

and other patients at the doctor’s discretion.  All other patients are privately billed.  Payment is expected at the time of consultation and is billed as per the individual doctor’s fee schedule. Most consultations are charged at a standard (level B or 23) rate. All new patients are to have a half-hour consultation (level C or 36) for the first visit. The doctor concerned will individually notify the receptionist of the appropriate charge.

No accounts are given to private patients unless the attending doctor authorises this, which is rare.

All patients must produce a current Medicare card at the time of consultation and if you are on a Health Care Card, pension or Veterans’ Affairs card, you should also produce a current one of those. If you don’t produce a current Medicare card, we can’t bulk bill. If your card is not available, a consultation fee (equal to the Medicare rebate) can be paid at the time of consultation and claimed from Medicare.

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • Bank Card

The cost of treatment or investigations is an important component of informed decision making. We aim to ensure all patients are advised of possible costs involved, including out of pocket costs, for procedures, investigations, and treatments or referral services provided by our practice prior to them being conducted.

Where costs are not known, you will be encouraged and/or assisted to make enquiries. If you indicate that the costs pose a barrier to the suggested treatment or investigation, alternatives can be discussed with your GP.